Understanding Medigap Plans Benefits

When you enroll in traditional Medicare, you are enrolling in Parts A and B. But even with these in place, there are some things that are not covered by these parts of Medicare, and that’s where Medicare Supplements come into play. At ISU-Bright Agency we can help make sense of the different Medicare Supplement plans that are available to you. These Medigap plans help to cover costs related to deductibles, copayments, as well as coinsurance and other items. We can help you to determine if getting one of these Medicare Supplement plans would be right for you. Contact our team to schedule time to review your current situation.

Things to Know About Medicare Supplement Plans

Doctor Discussing Medicare Supplements with a Patient at TableWhen you start looking at Medicare Supplement plans it is important to know a few things going into your research. First, each plan is individual, there are no joint plans for a couple. Companies also can’t cancel your Medigap plan due to health reasons. They are guaranteed renewable as long as you continue to pay the premiums. These plans also do not cover prescription drugs, as that falls under Part D.

These plans also don’t cover things like dental care, vision care, hearing aids, long-term care, and other things. Medicare Supplement plans cannot be purchased if you have a Medicare Advantage plan as Medicare Advantage is a replacement for traditional Medicare and this would be like having multiple insurances that cover the same thing. But, while there are a lot of things they don’t address, Medigap plans are still useful and many people opt to add these.

Medigap Plans Available

There are actually several Medigap plans that are available, but a few of them have now been withdrawn for most Medicare recipients. So what is the best plan to choose? That will depend on many factors including on where you live, your health and potential health care needs, as well as your financial situation. This is when you should work with our independent agents who can provide you with important information about each plan and what that might mean for each person.

Medicare Supplement plans are there to help handle some of the costs that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. It is important that you understand the differences between these plans, and our team at ISU-Bright Agency can break down these differences so that you can make a more informed decision. Contact us today and let us help you choose the right Medigap plan from our network of insurance companies.