Flood Insurance in Columbus, Madison, Seymour, North Vernon, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Rain is a fact of life in Indiana. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And when you have downpours, you invariably find that there is some sort of flooding that happens. Often its simply localized and minor and nothing is damaged. But every once in a while, the flooding is a major event and could affect your house. Your normal homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover flooding, so you need to get flood insurance to protect your investment and your family, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Call the ISU-Bright Agency to find out how you can get flood insurance to protect your home and family.

Flood insurance in Madison, IN, protects homes

Preparation for Floodplain Areas in Bartholomew County

Living in Columbus, Madison, Seymour, North Vernon, and Bartholomew County, means you need to be aware of the potential for flooding to occur, but anywhere that is near a river is subject to flooding if conditions become right. In the Columbus area, there are four rivers that combine to form the East Fork of the White River: The Driftwood River, Flatrock River, Clifty Creek, and Haw Creek. As these four rivers join together, the amount of water volume increases and the potential for flooding also increases.

The best approach is to know what the potential impacts are for various flooding levels. The city of Columbus and Bartholomew County have developed several impact maps and evacuation maps should they be required. While only 1/3rd of the city of Columbus is located in a floodplain, that doesn’t mean that you are immune from flooding in the remaining 2/3rds, or that those outside the city limits are safe either. What it means is that you need to prepare for the potential flooding, and that includes having flood insurance in place in Madison, North Vernon, Columbus, and Seymour, IN. A little preparation today will make for a better tomorrow should the worst happen.

Affordable Flood Insurance Plans

Flood insurance is generally a very affordable type of insurance, especially when comparing it to the potential costs in damages to your home and belongings in the case of severe flooding. Since Bartholomew County has chosen to implement regulations that are tighter than FEMA and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the prices for flood insurance are lower than normal. A little additional vigilance translates into reduced costs for homeowners to acquire flood insurance. Find out just how affordable your flood insurance policy can be, call ISU-Bright Agency to learn more and get protected.