Flood Insurance in Columbus IN, Madison IN, North Vernon, Seymour IN, and Nearby Cities

If you are a homeowner, chances are that you have some of the other kinds of home insurance policies. However, you must know that homeowners’ insurance is not all-inclusive, especially for natural calamities like floods. These types of plans do not floods and for that reason, you will need to purchase some additional coverage. This is why you need flood insurance. This is all the more necessary if you actually live in a flood-prone region. For this purpose, we can help you at ISU-Bright Agency. We are a family-owned local business that understands the safety needs and requirements of families. For 25 years, we have been catering to our clients with different kinds of insurance policies including auto, homeowners’, health, flood, and life insurance. Along with our insurance products, we strive to stay updated with changes in the country’s laws, so that we can curate a coverage plan that particularly suits all your needs and preferences. So, if you need such insurance in places like Columbus IN, Madison IN, North Vernon or Seymour IN, then look no further!

Flood Insurance in Columbus IN, Madison IN, North Vernon, Seymour IN

Here are a couple of things you should ask about before buying flood insurance. Take a look.

  • Premium

The insurance premiums for flood insurance can vary according to the coverage and your home’s style, age and location. Most people opt for building coverage, which generally covers the foundation, plumbing, electrical systems and carpeting among other aspects. You must ask your insurance provider what all is covered in your premium before settling on a plan.

  • Direct vs. Indirect Damage

This is another crucial factor. Damages caused directly by the flood, like damaged flooring or furnishing, are generally covered by a policy. In some cases, indirect damage might also be covered if it was caused as a subsequent result of flooding, like sinkholes or sewer backup. However, some items are never covered, like damages from mold, mildew or overflowing sump pumps. Make sure you know what is direct vs. indirect damage before purchasing.

If you need more assistance on the subject, we can help you. Contact us today for more details.