Business Insurance in Columbus IN, Madison IN, Seymour IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Have you set up your new business? Do you require business insurance? If the answer is yes, then it is crucial to first choose an efficient commercial insurance agent that will not only help you choose the right policy but would also educate you about the policies as well. If you reside in and around areas like Columbus IN, Madison IN, North Vernon or Seymour IN, then come to us at ISU- Bright Agency. We are an independent insurance agency and we market your insurance needs to multiple carriers on your behalf, i.e. we do the shopping for you. We have an extremely proficient team of experienced insurance agents that would manage your risks and negotiate your business insurance coverage for the best coverage at competitive prices.  

However, in order to understand the details of commercial policies, here are the top 3 vital questions that you must ask your commercial insurance agent. Read on to know more.  

  • What Does the Policy Cover? – This is the first and foremost question that you would need to ask your insurance agent. What is important for you to understand is the type of coverage that your agent is trying to provide you with, i.e. General Liability, Professional Liability, Umbrella, or Commercial Autos and Fleet amongst others. As the scope of coverage differs from policy to policy, it is simply mandatory for you to ask your agent what it covers before buying one.  
  • What Property Should I Insure? – Starting your own business can be extremely daunting. While your insurance agent can help you determine your specific needs, you will, however, want to consider insuring your building, equipment, vehicles, supplies, intellectual property, and trademarks amongst others. It is a must to insure your property to be on the safe side.  
  • What are The Types of Commercial Insurance to Consider? – Although this question depends on your specific business needs, you should still get a brief idea about the types of commercial insurances to consider. Your insurance agent will make recommendations based on your unique situation and then you can get the right insurance which will suit your needs accordingly.  

So, these are the top 3 questions that you would need to cover with your commercial insurance agent about business insurance policies. For any further details or to avail our policies, kindly give us a call at 812-346-2282 or 800-288-6128.